Valeria Bianchet (1985) and Anna Ricci (1983) met at Politecnico di Milano, where they obtained their master’s degree in interior design. In 2011 they started working together on their first projects, and in 2013 they established planBstudio.

PlanBstudio is a dynamic and multidisciplinary design agency with experience gained in Italy and abroad, based in Pordenone and capable of managing construction sites throughout the entire Friuli Venezia Giulia area, as well as in neighboring territories such as Veneto, Slovenia and Austria.

We have developed both public and private projects in many countries, in collaboration with important companies operating on a global scale, which have led us to compare ourselves with other cultures and design methods in the residential, contract and retail sectors.

We believe that customer satisfaction is the most important achievement and for this reason we make listening and research into detail the fundamental aspects of our work. The primary target is to propose technical and aesthetic solutions that interpret the history and needs of those who experience the project.

We design private homes, offices, commercial spaces, showrooms and at the same time we provide support to companies with regards to the development of contract projects.


We work on different scales, from a custom-made wall to a complete renovation.


- Evaluation of the project with the customer, study of needs

- Design through presentations, technical drawings and photorealistic renders

- Collaboration with constrution companies for site management, both for newly built homes and for renovations.

- Management of the timetable and budget

- We provide a network of collaborators who cover all the needs of the project: lighting technicians, building decorators, surveyors for managing practices, and all the workers necessary for the completion of the project.

- We are able to provide any custom solution thanks to specialized carpenters, metal carpenters and glaziers.

- Furniture sales and installation management

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